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Doing so will certainly give you a greater appreciation for what really matters in a fight, helping you to work on these key points in training. The first and fifth rounds fall into the category of the “unspoken rules” in a Muay Thai contest and form a part of the unique way that a fight is scored. As you might guess, a judge will score the cleanest, most technical, and most damaging strikes higher. The shots that have a bigger impact on your opponent – whether they knock them down, make them wince, or visibly affect their ability to fight – will count considerably when scoring a fight. Combinations and spectacular strikes will also get the attention of the judges.

One of my early wrist sprains took an entire month for it to be fully recovered because I wasn’t punching correctly and I didn’t pay much attention to wrapping my hands. Hand wraps are your first and most important line of defense against hand and wrist injuries so don’t scrimp on it. In my own experience, just straight-up running has been the most effective exercise routine to improve overall performance. Running will power up your endurance and stamina, and you will see results within a short period of time.

Unlike in boxing, where you usually tuck your chin into your chest at all times, your Muay Thai stance should be upright with your chin up but just slightly tilted down. This will allow you to see what is coming as it aids your peripheral vision. In order to position yourself in the right way, you will need to start with your foot placement. If you are new to this wonderful sport, a strong Muay Thai stance is the first thing that you will need to learn before anything else. It is crucial that you dedicate time to perfecting your stance, as everything else is built from this foundation.

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The aim is to simulate fighting scenarios, where the pad holder moves around and sets the pads up to be struck with punches, kicks, kneed and elbows by the attacker. This is done via guarding with the hands and arms to block punches and high kicks – whilst lower kicks are defended by raising the shin to take the impact of the opponent’s shin. Elbows can be used to great effect as blocks or defences against, for example, spring knees, side body knees, body kicks or punches. When well connected, an elbow strike can cause serious damage to the opponent, including cuts or even a knockout. Fighters practice the same technique thousands of times until they master it.

As soon as possible after sustaining an injury, you should start to apply an ice pack to the affected area every 2-3 hours for minutes. Treat your bruises and bumps, let them heal and repeat the process all over. You will be able to kick harder and harder, it’s only a matter of time and determination. Good news is that they will harden up in no time but take care to not overdo it as you can aggravate the injury resulting in long-term damage.

You might also want to know if there’s an active social element among members. Muay Thai gyms are great places to make friends if you’re new to an area, so ask if there are regular events that everyone gets involved with. You can at least expect for there to be enough Thai pads to go around, and a few pairs of gloves to loan to beginners for their first few sessions.

  • In the shower room, I could barely feel my legs – it was like I had run a marathon or something.
  • No kicking of banana trees, no punching blind-folded, no meditating under waterfalls.
  • That means you can share your martial arts journey and help each other out along the way.
  • It’s also a fun way to train, and should you leave you looking and feeling better after a few months of training.

The lead front teep is generally the fastest kick in the arsenal of a Nak Muay (Thai boxer). As the lead leg is closest to the opponent, it is not hard to see why. There is no switch involved in the lead front teep, meaning that it can be thrown from almost any position and with lightning speed.

General or casual Muay Thai practitioners simply do not have the time nor physical capacity to adhere to such a schedule. If you have trained for 1 year or more, you will be in a better position to consider training at home. With a heavy bag, a training partner to hold pads, and the drive to train on your own on a regular basis, this is a viable option. I would not recommend it for a beginner but if you have no options of training in your town/city, then go for legit online Muay Thai courses.

Headbutts, biting, groin shots, hitting the back of the head, kicking knee joints and poking the eyes are not prohibited. If an opponent has maintained 3-point contact with the ring canvas (e.g. with both feet and one hand on the ground), no striking is allowed to the opponent. Accidents do occasionally happen due to the fast pace of the fight and this will be judged accordingly by the referee or ring officials. It’s all about burning those extra calories and Muay Thai training does it exceptionally effectively. Each Muay Thai session lasts about 1-2 hours and consists of warm-up, shadow boxing, drilling techniques, heavy bag work, padwork, before finishing off with strength training exercises. One 2-hour session can burn 1000 calories, making it a great and fun way to lose weight.

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