Nano Brows Course

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the Nano Brows Course by Santana Studio Academy!

Are you ready to elevate your skills and become a master in the art of nano brows? Look no further! Our comprehensive course is designed to empower permanent makeup artists with the latest techniques and knowledge in nano brows.

What are

Nano Brows

Nano brows are rapidly gaining popularity for their hyper-realistic effect, achieved through delicate hair strokes created with a handheld machine. As an alternative to microblading, nano brows offer minimal skin trauma and faster fading, resulting in the most natural-looking hair-strokes that clients adore.



Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate artist, our experienced instructor, Kenneth, will guide you through mastering both pixelated and defined nano stroke techniques. Learn how to create dimensional brows tailored to a diverse range of clients, with step-by-step instructions and hands-on practice featuring a full procedure. But that’s not all!

Nano Brow


Our course goes beyond technique to provide you with essential theory. From understanding client contraindications to mastering skin anatomy, color theory, face analysis, and symmetry for precise brow mapping, we cover it all. You’ll also benefit from a downloadable manual for future reference, and a 2-day class experience with lunch and snacks provided. Plus, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive kit included to kickstart your nano brows journey. Join us and unleash your potential as a nano brows artist with Santana Studio Academy and our trainer Kenneth Santana in our Nano Brows Course.

Enroll today and embark on a journey towards mastery!




Session 1: Understanding Nano Brows
  • Definition and history of Nano Brows
  • ⁠Comparison with microblading and other eyebrow enhancement techniques
  • ⁠Benefits and limitations of Nano Brows
Session 2: Skin Anatomy and Color Theory
  • ⁠Overview of skin anatomy relevant to Nano Brows
  • Understanding skin types, tones, and undertones
  • Color theory: Pigment selection, color matching, and color correction
Session 3: Safety and Sanitation
  • ⁠Importance of safety protocols in permanent makeup
  • Sanitation practices and infection control measures
  • ⁠Handling and disposal of needles, pigments, and other equipment
Session 4: Equipment and Tools
  • ⁠Introduction to Nano Brows equipment: Tattoo machine, needles, pigments
  • Proper setup and maintenance of equipment


Session 5: Preparing the Client
  • ⁠Consultation process: Assessing client needs, expectations, and medical history
  • ⁠Skin analysis: Identifying skin type, texture, and any contraindications
  • Consent forms and legal considerations
Session 6: Eyebrow Design and Mapping
  • Principles of eyebrow design: Shape, symmetry, and facial features
  • Mapping techniques: Using measurements and proportions to create the ideal brow shape
  • Customizing brow designs based on client preferences and facial structure
Session 7: Numbing
  • Overview of topical anesthetics and numbing agents
  • ⁠Proper application and timing of numbing product
Session 8: Nano Brows Technique and hands-On Practice
  • Demonstration of Nano Brows technique using a tattoo machine
  • Hands-on practice: Participants perform Nano Brows procedure on practice skin and models under instructor supervision
  • ⁠Guidance on proper grip, pressure, and needle manipulation manipulation
Session 9: Pigment Selection and Application
  • ⁠Choosing the right pigment color for different skin tones and hair colors
  • ⁠Techniques for pigment implantation: Creating fine, natural-looking hair strokes
  • Gradation, blending, and shading to achieve realistic results
Session 10: Aftercare and Maintenance
  • Post-procedure care instructions for clients
  • Avoiding activities that may affect pigment retention or cause complications
  • Importance of follow-up appointments and touch-up procedures